The Life Erotic – Frida C & Tracy Lindsay

Frida C & Tracy Lindsay – Control 2

Date published: November 20, 2015

Ideas of control and release are explored in this exciting scene, as Frida C pushes her own sexual boundaries with the help of kinky Tracy Lindsay. We see a flashback to Frida putting Tracy in the trunk of her car – Tracy’s self-assured smile suggesting she is the one in control – and then see Tracy bound to a chair, her breasts adorned with nipple clamps. Frida pours water over Tracy and paints bright red lipstick on her lips, then pushes her thighs apart and starts to finger her pussy hard and fast, making her gasp and squirm. Frida unties Tracy and moves her into doggy position, spanking her ass, then fingers her vigorously, the intense sensations building until she is wracked by a powerful orgasm. The girls kiss passionately, and Tracy’s final look to camera leaves us questioning who is in control once again.

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