The Life Erotic – Milla

Milla – My Romance 2

Date published: August 9, 2015

Golden-haired Milla lights her candles and scented oil-burners, ready for a romantic night in. But is she waiting for the arrival of a lover, or is her romance with herself? It seems the latter may be the case, as she peels off her sweater and skintight pants to reveal her sexy satin lingerie. Shedding her bra, she rubs herself through her panties, before taking them off too. Once naked, she pours some of the scented oil over her body, massaging it into her skin as she strokes her pussy with a sensual circular motion. She thrusts a finger deep inside her hot hole and then flutters it over her clit. Turning onto her knees, she spreads her pussy lips open and rubs the tender pink insides more vigorously. Now lying back and pumping her hips to intensify the horny sensations coursing through her, she fingerbangs her wet pussy to an orgasm intense enough to make her eyes roll back in her head.

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