The Life Erotic – Victoria Daniels

Victoria Daniels – Short Circuit 2

Released: August 16, 2015

Director Paul Black’s work is like marmite – and those who love it must surely agree he is the most unique and innovative auteur working in the erotic genre today. ‘Short Circuit: Autumn Syndrome’ finds Victoria Black under a sputtering light bulb, lathering her pussy mound with foam and then shaving it, every sound eerily magnified within the sombre room. As she rinses off the foam and then anoints herself with oil, the strokes of her fingers become more and more deliberate, until she is sliding them between her pussy lips and right into her slippery hole. Running her oily hands down her face as if in a lustful trance, we next see her soaping her whole body, rinsing off with tugs on a rigged-up watering can overhead, and masturbating with more and more urgency. In a frenzy of arousal, she grabs an electric toothbrush and uses it as a makeshift vibrator on her clit, her frantic movements making her whole body quake, and sending tremors through her surroundings, to devastating effect.

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