Tribute Me As I Suck My Middle Finger And Flip You Off

Princess London LixI know you messed up losers have all kinds of fucked up fantasies when you think about a hot goddess like me. You think about fucking me, lol, which is really laughable, and you even think about me sucking your cock. Its really fucking disgusting loser. Honestly the thought of that repulses me. Eww Id never get anywhere near you loser. So what is a guy like you good for? For paying. Isnt that right loser? Your wallet is the only thing about you that gives you any worth to me. You pay all the time, you pay for these clips, and today youre going to pay to think about being in my mouth because you know that it would never fucking happen. So heres how its going to work, youre going to beat that pathetic excuse for a cock as I know you already are, you stupid jerkaholic, and every time I lick my finger, youre going to tribute me. I know this is going to drive your dick wild, watching me suck on my middle finger while I laugh at you, teasing you with what youll never having, making you pay for what youll never have. Look at you, youre throbbing. Youre aching for this. Click on my tribute button as I suck my finger loser and flip you off. Go on loser, pay me, I know that turns you on more than having me suck on your cock. This is your sex life loser. Youre a stupid pay pig jerkoff who has to pay a girl who wont even suck his dick. Ill just flip you off and drain your wallet. Dont I look so hot sucking on my finger. Click, stroke and pay loser. Pay my middle finger. Youre a fucked up freak and you know that you have to pay just to look at me, just to jerk. And you love it, your cock is throbbing, tributing me each time I lick my finger and then laugh in your face. Youre getting so eager as you edge your cock. You know the only way you can be of use to me is with that fucking wallet. All I want is your fucking money until youre drained. I dont care if I drain those balls, all I want to drain is that wallet. Look into my eyes as I lick my finger and click that button loser. Its so hot! You cant stop.
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