Uncle Phil Fucked My Ass

Uncle Phil Fucked My Ass

Dear Diary,

Today I wanted Daddy to fuck my ass so I was in his room masturbating with a butt plug in. I was waiting for daddy to get home and walk in but to my surprise when the bedroom door opened it wasn’t daddy! It was Uncle Phil! He asked me what I was doing and when I explained my master my plan and how I was desperate to be stuffed full he didn’t mind lending a hand . well cock. I pulled down his jeans and boxers and started working his cock with my hands and mouth until it was throbbing and rock hard. He started fucking my ass and we fucked all over daddy’s bed until Uncle Phil couldn’t help but creampie my ass. I even got to clean his cock off when he pulled out.
God, I love the way my ass and hot cum taste! I hope we all get to fuck soon. The thought of Daddy and Uncle Phil fucking me is so hot!

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