Vacation bitch

5 minutes! Now that we’ve arrived at the hotel in the Dominican Republic, I’m ready to hit the beach! But you, loser, will NOT be coming with Me. The only reason I allowed you to come with Me on MY vacation, even though you paid for it, is to be My vacation bitch! Yes loser, you have to unpack and organize everything, make sure the room is spotless, attend to My every whim, and of course pay for all the dinners, champagne, spa treatments and shopping I want! This is not going to be a vacation for you! Watch as I reel through all the things I expect you to do and laugh at you for thinking I was bringing you along to have fun with Me. I’ll even tease you a little with My bikini body while describing what your cucky duties will be whenever I decide to get Myself some “jungle love”. haha!
This financial domination video clip also features bikini tease and denial, humiliation, cuckolding, loser abuse, manipulative bratty findomme, moneyslavery.

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