Viv Thomas – Candee Licious & Felicia Kiss

Candee Licious & Felicia Kiss – Amorous

Date published: November 9, 2015

Felicia Kiss and Candee Licious are sitting chatting about their crazy night out. Felicia starts dancing to a song she likes, and then does a sexy striptease for Candee, who slips a hand into her shorts to touch herself as she watches. They kiss and grab each other hungrily, and Candee goes down to lick Felicia’s puffy clit and slide a couple of wet fingers inside her pussy. When she’s wild with arousal, Candee thrusts a finger into her ass, pushing her over the edge into an intense climax. Now Candee does a cute little striptease for Felicia, and then straddles her face to get eaten to orgasm. She lies back and Felicia finger-bangs her pussy to another powerful climax.

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