Viv Thomas – Cara St. Germain, Naomi Nevena

Naomi Nevena dances in a barely-there crimson bodysuit over the opening credits, before we see French fox Cara St Germain – making her VT debut – speaking to a lover online. When Naomi shows up at her door, it is evident Cara is the dominant partner. She removes the pretty blonde’s coat, revealing her red lingerie and then kneeling to slide down her panties. Pushing Naomi against the wall, Cara licks and fingers her pussy until she’s in a froth of excitement. Now Naomi undresses Cara and goes down to eat her hungrily, driving her wild with rapid strokes of her tongue and fingers. Cara moves to her knees so Naomi can eat her from behind, bucking on her face as a string of orgasms hits her. As they kiss passionately, the relationship between the lovers remains ambiguous but their intense connection is plain to see.

Red Passion Episode 1 – Tryst Dec 14, 2015



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