Viv Thomas – Henessy A, Lea Guerlin

After an erotic introductory tease from French cutie Léa Guerlin, we see her make a brief and business-like phone call, looking tense. Henessy hugs and reassures her, their tender and affectionate kisses gradually growing amorous. Léa still looks pensive as she undresses and gets into the shower, secretly watched by Henessy, who begins to touch herself as she admires Léa’s beautiful body. Unable to resist, she grabs Léa for a passionate kiss, then kneels to lick her pussy. She spins her around to eat her from behind, burying her face between Léa’s firm cheeks, then frigs her to a breathless climax. Moving to the bedroom, Henessy strips slowly and seductively, lying back for Léa to eat her, turning into doggy position, then back over in a fever of lust as Léa pushes her over the edge into an orgasm that leaves her shaken. It looks like the start of a beautiful romance.

First Time Stories Episode 2 – Fantasy Dec 28, 2015



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