Viv Thomas – Henessy A & Tina Walker

Henessy A & Tina Walker – Relish

Date published: November 18, 2015

Tina Walker interviews Henessy about her life and sexuality, asking her some probing questions. When Henessy describes her erotic fantasy, both girls are really turned on; Henessy strokes herself through her panties, and Tina moves closer to kiss her passionately. They undress and Tina grinds her pussy against Henessy’s beautiful bottom, then moves her into doggy position and eats her from behind. Tina finger-bangs her to a climax, then thrusts a finger into her asshole to send her over the edge again. Now Henessy lies back for Tina to lick her sensitized clit, rocking her hips as she rides the waves of pleasure. As she catches her breath, she sucks Tina’s perky nipples, then rubs, fingers and licks her pussy, driving her wild.

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