Viv Thomas – Lola A & Patritcy

Lola A & Patritcy – One Small Step Episode 2 – Petite

Date published: December 25, 2015

Lola, dressed in sexy black lingerie and stockings, strokes herself through her panties over the opening credits. We then see her in the gym with Patritcy, as they discuss Lola’s frustration with her relationship. It seems the problem is that Lola has feelings for Patritcy, as she suddenly grabs her for a kiss. Patritcy is momentarily shocked, but a second later she responds with ardour, and the pair kiss fervently. After their workout, the girls are in the bathroom when Lola confesses she has been attracted to Patritcy for a long time. Patritcy undresses her and leads her into the bedroom, licking her smooth slot enthusiastically, then flipping her over onto her knees to finger her to an intense orgasm. Patritcy is sad because they will soon be parted, but Lola soothes her with a kiss and then kneels to eat her pussy hungrily, driving her wild. Patritcy’s climax is so overwhelming her legs buckle. As the girls kiss goodbye, you can’t help hoping their relationship is just getting started.

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