Wet and wild foot fetish jerk session with Sadie Holmes

Sadie complains about how much her feet hurt from wearing heels all the time. Today she wants to rub some oil on them and she wants you to rub a little lube on your dick and rub with her. As she rubs the oil onto her feet, she lifts up her leg and you see her pussy. Sadie wants to watch you rub oil all over your cock as she massages her aching feet. You view her feet from the floor and you see how shiny they are with the oil. Your dick would feel so good rubbing between her slippery feet. You like her wrinkled soles and she knows it. If she would let you massage and pamper her feet, you feel confident that she would stay with you forever, but that cannot happen right now. Just keep jacking off as Sadie continues to rub even more oil on her feet and between her perfect toes. When she gets on her knees, she cups her feet together and asks you to imagine cumming all over her oiled-up wrinkled soles. Keep looking at her wrinkled soles as you squirt your sperm all over her sexy feet.


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