yoga with mommy

yoga with mommy

The full script. Shoot all this wide angel. Mom is in the living room, doing her Yoga workouts/positions, her son is watching her in a lustful way, while mom bends down, with her ass sticking out of those short hot pants, she notices her son looking at her ass, so she spreads her feet apart and lifts her heels bending her feet so her son can see her Archy soles(wide angle mid range shot of her feet would be great), and bends over with a smirk on her face, Son walks in (He comes into the frame) and says wow mom you look great, mom says do you like what you see baby, yes,… mom says well your mother is going to take a shower.(For this scene its a wide angle view mostly so you can see both of the actors no POV, also other views are welcome, refer to the pictures i sent for examples)Mom and son are in the living room and mom is wearing her tight hot pants, her ass is almost bursting out of it and sports bra, while the son is just wearing his boxers

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