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[RealWifeStories | brazzers.com] Desiree Dulce – A Wife’s Ex (2020)

Description: Desiree Dulce’s ex-boyfriend Scott Nails is determined to get her back. He doesn’t care that she’s married, he knows they belong together. Desiree secretly feels the same way, but needs some convincing, and Scott is happy to oblige in the form of an unforgettable fucking!
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[RealWifeStories | brazzers.com] Amber Alena – Maid Of Dishonor (2020)

Description: Sexy housewife Amber Alena has a dirty little secret. Every day while her husband goes off to work, she cleans the house – nude. Amber has an online audience of desperate admirers who will pay anything to watch her do chores in her birthday suit. When visiting brother-in-law Scott Nails finds her in nothing but an apron, Amber’s cleaning stream gets unexpectedly messy.
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[RealWifeStories | brazzers.com] Angela White – You Gotta Help My Wife (2020) Anal

Description: Angela White’s conservative husband thinks something is wrong with his wife when she gets herself all dressed up and offers to let him fuck her in the ass. Angela’s husband ties his hot and horny wife to the bed and calls Dr. Keiran Lee, asking him to come over and determine what exactly has happened to his wife to make her so overwhelmingly horny. Angela begs Keiran to fuck her in the ass and the doctor obliges – it’s really the only way to treat her condition.
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[RealWifeStories | brazzers.com] Nicolette Shea – Dirty After Dark (2020)

Description: Nicolette and her husband are settling in for the night but before they do, they make sure to give each other a cutesy goodnight kiss on the forehead. They both turn off their lamps and close their eyes, ready for a good night’s rest. well, Nicolette’s husband is, anyway. The blonde bombshell has other plans. She can only be a sweet, loving housewife for so many hours of the day. When the night rolls around, she tiptoes downstairs for her favorite late-night treat. a good, hard fuck from her trusty boytoy Van Wylde!
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[RealWifeStories/brazzers.com] Ivy Lebelle – Dream Stranger (2020)

Description: Ivy Lebelle is bored in her marriage to her husband. Their lives have become the same boring routine, day in and day out. Ivy yearns for the feeling of excitement that a new lover brings. She has recently been having visions of a stranger, a mysterious man that arouses her carnal desires. One night before joining her husband in bed, she dreams of Keiran Lee while masturbating on the couch. To her surprise, he appears in the living room, ready to give her the deep dicking she’s been waiting for.
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[RealWifeStories/brazzers.com] Osa Lovely – The Pitstop (2020) Ebony

Description: Frustrated housewife Osa Lovely stops at a bar to use the bathroom and ends up being seduced by a big, mysterious dick that pops through a hole in the stall. Osa is hesitant at first, but when the horny stranger, Scott Nails, hands her a wad of cash, she gives in and gets a taste of strange. Caught up in the moment, Osa forgets about her husband and sucks and fucks Scott while her hubby waits outside in the car.
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[RealWifeStories/brazzers] Nina Elle – Crawling To Another Cock (2020) Milf

Description: Nina Elle, wearing nothing but lingerie under her trench coat, surprises her husband in his office hoping to get frisky while he’s on the job, but he’s too busy to even look at her smoking hot body. When Nina’s husband’s employee, Keiran Lee, enters his office, however, he can’t keep his eyes off of her! Thinking she’s found someone else to fuck, she crawls under Keiran’s desk and up to his big cock, finally getting the hardcore office sex she’s been looking for!
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(1080p) RealWifeStories / brazzers.com – Katana Kombat – Sex With The Therapist

Description: Katana Kombat comes home to her husband, only to find out he’s booked a surprise appointment with at-home sex therapist, Dr. Duncan Saint. When Duncan tells Katana that her husband claims they are both passive lovers suffering from intimacy issues, Katana loses it; her husband’s the problem, not her! When the married couple nearly come to blows, Duncan suggests Katana’s hubby goes for a walk. Once Katana’s alone with the doctor, she realizes she finally has herself a man that appreciates her perfect tits and stunning body. and when she gets a look at Duncan’s hard cock, it’s clear there won’t be any intimacy issues between them!
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