Shrinking And Devouring Big Brother

You’re so mean! Always teasing me about growing into a woman and developing. You know I’m conscious of my expanding breasts and womanly curves and yet you still choose to tease me. Well there’s something you don’t know about the development of a woman brother, we develop something much more sinister than a heaving bosom and pert buttocks.We develop powers, powers to bend time and will. Bend even physics itself. So when I snap my fingers you’ll shrink, and be no taller than a few inches. How funny is that?! Not laughing anymore? Aw, poor brother, so vulnerable. You’re not the big boy you once were huh? Do you feel fragile now? How about if I ate you all up, licking and sucking every inch of your delectable little body until I swallowed you whole? Then you wouldn’t be able to tease me anymore would you. But first let me show you those beautiful curves you’ve been teasing me about, the last thing you will see before you d.i.e.Clip Includes:Femdom POV, Brat Girls, Masturbation Instruction, JOI, Humiliation, Vore, Shrinking Fetish, Taboo, Giantess, Goddess Worship, Amazon, Erotic Magic, Executrix, Masturbation Encouragement, Female Domination, Closeups, Devouring Brother, Magic Control, Big Tits

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