100% Africa Vol 68 (2023)


Genre: French, Amateur, Anal, Black, Busty, BBC, BBW, Deepthroat, Cumshots, Threesomes

Cast: Starla Love, Miss Debeuk, Bianca, Lune, Latifah, Nikky

Engaged, John and Melissa return to Kinshasa to settle down. While Melissa quickly finds a job, John rediscovers the delights of Kinshasa’s women and begins to lose control… With his friend Bruce, John goes on a sex spree and fucks Patricia, a saintly but sex-addicted friend of his fiancĂ©e, and the sultry Larissa. Their lovemaking is hot, intense and boundless, just like John’s infidelity… Eliza has a power cut at home and goes to her neighbor for help, which is just what Amadou needs. While he fixes the faulty bulb. Things soon get out of hand and Amadou ends up putting his fingers somewhere other than in the socket. Lydie is waiting for her boyfriend, and has a naughty surprise in store for him. Unfortunately, he doesn’t show up.
Lydie decides to give the surprise to someone else, to satisfy her libido and fantasies!

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