[PlayboyPlus] Maia Serena – Tranquil Setting (2023)


Tags : Art, Brunette, Latina, Solo, Public

Maia Serena is back with another outdoor feature from the photographer, Maddie Córdoba. “Something people wouldn’t know about me at first glance? I’m extremely goofy,” says Maia of herself. “I love talking to people and being a social butterfly- I’ve always been interested in what oth ers say.” What makes Maia who she is most of all is that she’ll always take the time to bask in her surroundings. “I was born in Portland, and I’ve always lived near nature,” she says. “I’m a huge fan of hiking in the SoCal mountains and swimming in the ocean. I’m always trying to keep myself active.” A full-time model and content creator, you can usually find Maia in front of a camera if she’s not getting in touch with nature. “What do I love most about my job? I love the community,” she says. “I feel very comfortable posing nude. I’ve always loved being naked.” See more from Maia Serena here on Playboy Plus.

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